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Imagine an untapped market of OVER 200 million people —

that’s what Pinterest is!


It's a VISUAL search engine, which means you need the tools to make sure you're using it in the BEST way possible.




“Love working with Kathryn! She is truly the expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing. I can’t stop referring her to others. She knows her stuff! Every month we are watching our followers and engagement go up.”

Stacy Tuschl  |  shesbuildingherempire.com


You have NO IDEA where to start.
You’ve spent hours on Pinterest and you’re still not sure how to use it for your business. Do I create boards to attract my ideal client?
How do I know what boards they’re interested in?
Can I repin my pin multiple times to a board? 
These questions are merely the tip of the iceberg for Pinterest questions you have!


You have LIMITED time.
You’re a business owner with a to-do list the size of Mt Everest. You don’t have time to waste trying to figure out the right tactics to boost Pinterest traffic or how to setup your account in the right ways.


You’re TIRED of trying to keep with it all.
You’re tired of trying to keep up with being on ALL the social media platforms and posting 70 gazillion times a day (okay…that may be an over-exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like right?!).


You just wish someone would hand you an ACTION plan to follow.
You want to create a system and plan that will drive continuous traffic to your site, help increase your sales and minimize your time online instead of hustling like crazy only for it all to dry up and fall flat the minute you take a much-needed vacation.


That’s me!

How did you know?

I know because...

1. I've been where you're at

2. I listened to what you asked for

Welcome to your new happy Pinterest place.

what if you could...

CONSISTENTLY get leads and traffic to your website. 
Wouldn’t it be great to consistently see visitors coming to your website from content you created months ago? With Pinterest you can.


STAND OUT from the crowd and become known in your niche. 
Building your credibility and brand recognition is important for business growth and Pinterest allows you to do both.


Stop WASTING TIME trying to figure it out on your own. 
Stop spending hours upon hours posting content that gets lost in feeds and never gets seen again. 


Have EXTRA HOURS in your day. 
Automate your marketing so that you’re only spending 1 hour per week promoting your content. Free up your time to focus on the work you’re GREAT at.


Have a go-to strategy and step-by-step GUIDE to follow monthly.
Knowing that all you have to do is follow an action plan and you’re good to go, means you get to free up that mental load for the important tasks.


Give NEW LIFE to your blog posts, products and content?
You’ve spent hours creating your content and products, only to see the post you shared on Social Media got 4 likes and now it’s irrelevant…not anymore! You’ll be able to promote the same piece of content for YEARS to come on Pinterest.



you can have all of the above!


A detailed strategy to help you use Pinterest the RIGHT way!

The Pinterest Gameplan - Pinterest For Business Ecourse

You need a Pinterest Gameplan!


I have absolutely LOVED working with Kathryn. I went from having a blog with next to no traffic to one that brings in 25,000+ page views per month, with Pinterest as my #1 source of traffic. THANK YOU Kathryn, for making that happen!!!

Abbey Ashley |  Thevirtualsavvy.com

“While I was smitten with Instagram, I simply could not make sense of Pinterest. After chatting with Kathryn for just an hour, it all clicked. She helped me wade through my disorganized boards and showed me simple steps that could be implemented right away to make huge differences. She made Pinterest not only make sense but now I’m excited to have another viable source to use for my business growth.”

Sara Frank | Marie Lynn Skincare

WHAT'S INCLUDED in this course?

  • Access to all course Modules (including any updates & new modules)
  • Actionable workbooks, checklists & templates
  • Support, feedback and guidance in our Private Facebook Group
  • 30 days FREE on Tailwind Plus (*for new Tailwind users)

Here's what you'll learn in THE 8 MODULES


Understanding the foundational elements of Pinterest marketing, will help you create a successful long term marketing strategy. You’ll learn everything you need to set up your Pinterest business account, find your ideal customers, create boards that attracts them and leverage the search engine functionality of Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. 

  • The Basics Of Pinterest For Business
  • Setting Up An SEO Optimized Pinterest Profile
  • Setting Up Your Boards
  • Leveraging and Using Rich Pins

Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine. Your pins need to not only LOOK great, but they need to stand out and capture your audiences attention. I’m going to show you how to create branded pins for Pinterest that will help you stand out and get your audience clicking through for more. We’re covering the types of pins to create for physical products, digital products, services, landing pages, videos and blog posts.

  • The Key Elements Of A Viral & Great Pin
  • Creating Pinterest Templates
  • Designing Gorgeous Pins In Canva
  • Designing Branded Board Covers
  • The Different Types Of Pin Images For Your Business

Group boards are KEY for increasing repins, followers and growth on Pinterest. I’ll be teaching you how to leverage group boards in the best possible way for your business as well as how to find and join the right group boards for your business.

  • The Basics Of Group Boards
  • How To Find & Join The Right Group Boards
  • Pinning To Group Boards
  • Create Your Own Group Board

A Pinterest marketing strategy is what will take you from pinning randomly, getting frustrated with the low engagement, and pulling your hair out –> to purposeful pinning with an action plan for growth. Every business needs a Pinterest marketing strategy and I’m sharing how I create strategies for my clients AND the action plan you can use to implement your strategy.

  • Creating A Pinterest Marketing Strategy & Action Plan
  • How To Pin Effectively & Efficiently
  • Trend Forecasting
  • My Action Plan & 3 Step Pinning Schedule

I’ll walk you through how to use Tailwind to schedule your pins. This module will take you through how to use a scheduler efficiently and how to implement the Pinterest strategy from the previous module. The best part? You’ll be pinning for less than 30 minutes per week.

  • Setting Up Your Tailwind Account
  • Tailwing Scheduling
  • Tailwind Optimization & Tricks
  • Tailwind Tribes

The customer journey is the KEY to making SALES and generating leads from Pinterest. It is the sales funnel for Pinterest – and the main reason you’re not making money from Pinterest yet! I’ll show you how to improve how your customer journey is set up to increase sign-ups, sales and conversions.

  • Understanding The Customer Journey
  • Improve Email Sign-up Conversions
  • Improve Purchase Conversions
  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Sales Funnel

You can’t move forward if you don’t know what works and doesn’t work. That’s where analytics come into play. Learn how to interpret your Pinterest analytics so that you can make the right tweaks to your strategy for even more growth. (Plus, once you start seeing growth, you won’t want to STOP checking your analytics). 

  • An Overview Of Pinterest analytics
  • Using Pinterest Analytics To Adjust Your Pinterest Strategy
  • Using Analytics To Increase Growth
  • Using Analytics To Create Content Your Audience Wants

Using Promoted pins, even with a tiny budget, can produce wonderful growth for your overall profile as well as your sales. Set up your first Promoted Pin and increase your traffic, leads and sales quickly.

  • Understanding Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Conversion Tag
  • Setting Up Your First Promoted Pin
  • How To Analytize & Adjust Your Promotion


I've got bonuses for you!

Registering for The Pinterest Gameplan will give you access to all eight modules, with video tutorials, checklists, workbooks, and templates, AND you’re also getting these bonuses, FOR FREE! 


6 LIVE group coaching calls via Zoom to answer any questions you have, provide feedback and give you guidance as you implement what you’ve learnt. You’re getting direct access to me to get personalized feedback!


5 done-for-you Pinterest pin templates that you can use to create your gorgeous pins. Simply adjust the colors, background image and text to suit your brand. Available to use in Canva, Illustrator and Corel Draw.

  • 3 Steps To An Impactful Marketing Strategy

Danielle Tenconi will take you through her three steps to designing your own impactful marketing strategy, based on her 15 years of corporate expertise and experience. It will help you grow your business like never before — in ways that are both meaningful and measurable! 

  • Getting Unicorn Clients with Lilah Higgins

Branding is a VITAL part of building a flourishing business.  In this training Lilah will give you actionable steps you can take in your own business to get visible, become referable, and build a brand that brings you Unicorn Clients!

  • 3 Types Of Stories You Need For Your Brand

If you’re aiming to build a complete epic brand, these are the 3 types of stories you’ll need to craft. You want to come back to your core stories in all of your marketing exposure to continue building that essential know-life-trust factor!


So who's the pinner behind The Pinterest Gameplan?

Hey lovely, I’m Kathryn Moorhouse!

I’m a Pinterest strategist, marketing lover & obsessive planner dedicated to helping you grow your business through strategic Pinterest marketing.

I’ve managed a number of Pinterest accounts for high performing entrepreneurs (Caitlin Bacher, Femtrepreneur, The Virutal Savvy, Stacy Tuschl, Lilah Higgins and Jessica Zimmerman and more) to help them grow their audience and income. As a business owner of multiple businesses myself, I’ve experienced the difficulties of running and growing a business while managing ALL the Social Media accounts. I know where you’re at and the struggles you’re facing because I’ve been there.

So my goal is to give you a STEP BY STEP action plan that you can implement to get results with Pinterest over the long term!



This is for you if...

  • You're a beginner/ intermediate on Pinterest and you want to grow your Pinterest account, increase your website traffic and setup your Pinterest profile for long term success.
  • You're tired of wasting your time trying to figure this out and need someone to come alongside you and teach you a simple step-by-step strategy to follow for growth.
  • You want to give your content, products and landing pages (that you put a LOT of effort into) the chance to be seen for years to come.
  • You're ready to increase your website traffic, email list and sales - you just need the action plan!

This is not for you if...

  • You're looking for overnight success. Just like growing a business, growing your Pinterest account takes time and hard work. The strategies implemented are for long term success and growth.
  • You think pinning for 1 week will result in millions of website visitors and sales. You need to put in the hard work and realize that Pinterest is a long term marketing platform that if used properly will grow with a compound effect over time.
  • You're not ready to invest the time to learn how to effectively market your business on Pinterest.

“It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that in order to succeed as a creative blogger and artist, I will have to market myself. I quickly got the hang of the visual and personable Instagram, but Pinterest was a platform I couldn’t wrap my mind around. Kathryn has really opened my eyes to the new potential Pinterest brings to my blog and business! She took the foreign concept of Pinterest and broke it down for me in simple steps, taking away my feelings of intimidation and frustration. I have slowly been implementing the changes and strategies Kathryn has suggested, and as a result I have noticed growth and am feeling much more confident about my social presence on Pinterest.”

Tawni Sattler  |  TheLifeInBetween.space

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course content?
You will get access to all 8 modules immediately. The Live Q&A calls will take place every week during a specified time as voted on by members of the course.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

I offer refunds but not guarantees. If you finish the course, implement my strategies, and you still don’t see any results, then you can email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. I can’t guarantee your results because that is dependent on you.
How long do I have access to this course?
If you register for Pinterest For Business you’ll have lifetime access to the course, which will be updated with any new strategies, videos, and course materials as required.
What format is the course content delivered in?
The course materials are shared as video content, and course workbooks (PDF).
Could I just find this information for free online?
Yes and No. You can find a lot of information online but trying to follow #alltheadvice out there will leave you frustrated and throwing your laptop across the room. Pinterest for business is giving you the step-by-step guide to setting up your account and implementing a strategy to see results. You can spend months trying to figure it out and search for random bits of information as you go along, or you can follow a strategy used by a Pinterest Strategist (who is on Pinterest DAILY).
This course would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?
It depends. Are you going to implement the strategies, tips and tactics shared in this course? If so…then yes!
Pinterest For Business is a Pinterest course that will continually be developed over time to include not only trainings for beginners but more advanced trainings that grow with YOU. Wouldn’t it be great to invest in one course and know that it’ll grow WITH your business. Not only helping you at the beginning stage but helping you as dive deeper into promoted pins and more advanced strategies? That seems worth it to me.

“Kathryn helped turn my rarely touched Pinterest profile into a branded platform with over 500 followers and 100k monthly views. And it’s growing everyday! Plus, Kathryn developed a strategy for my specific business needs. I highly recommend hiring Kathryn for your Pinterest marketing, she will save you so much time and money trying to figure it out yourself!”

Nicole Cooley  |  Moneywithmoxie.com


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Rural Reach is currently working in a small, rural town called Lepelsfontein, South Africa. This town has a population of approximately 1,000 people and no street lights, no running water, and no paved roads. Townsfolk have to travel over 100km to reach the nearest hospital or shopping centre and over 60km to reach the nearest high school.

The problem is that many people in these rural communities are unable to escape the grip of poverty as they do not have access to the opportunities available to them. And when they do have an opportunity, they do not have the means to act upon it.  For example, most people in the town don’t have a computer or smartphone to even get information on how to apply for university. Students can’t go to school because their family cannot afford the school fees. Even if someone does get an interview for a job, there is not enough money to cover the substantial taxi fee in order to get to the interview. These are but a few examples of the problems that these rural communities face.

For every student that joins the program, I’ll be donating $10 to Rural Reach, which is enough to feed a school child for 1 month! 

This year alone The Pinterest Gameplan has helped a girl in South Africa apply for college, provided necessary clothing to farm workers in a very rural area in South Africa AND helped install the proper pipes for flushing toilets at the local school – all through Rural Reach!


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