Set Up An SEO optimized Pinterest Profile with this free 10 Step Checklist
I'm Kathryn!
A Pinterest strategist, marketing lover & obsessive planner dedicated to helping you grow your business through strategic Pinterest marketing.

If you had a secret weapon in your back pocket to grow your leads, list and income...

would you invest the time to use it to its fullest potential?

If you’re here because:

You’re too busy trying to keep up with the demands of your business to test the best strategies to use Pinterest for your business.

You love using Pinterest for personal things but you have no idea where to start for your business or how it could possibly lead to sales.

You’ve tried a few strategies to grow your Pinterest but none of them have led to a cohesive high functioning account.

…then I’m your guide to creating a Pinterest Account that generates you quality leads, grows your list and income.

Kathryn Moorhouse About Me Page

Whether you're just starting out with your business, or have a 7 figure empire already, these Pinterest strategies and methods will work for you!

I’m here to show you how to grow your business with one of the highest referrers of traffic – Pinterest. 

I'll give you easy to follow tutorials to help you set up your Pinterest account, grow your following, increase your reach, and finally understand what this high performing lead generator can do for your business.

I run several Pinterest accounts for high performing entrepreneurs to help grow their audience and income. As a business owner of multiple businesses myself, I’ve experienced the difficulties of growing a business while managing ALL THE THINGS!

I know where you’re at and the struggles you’re facing because I’ve been there. 

The Pin Tips series is designed to help you optimize and improve your Pinterest profile so you can grow your traffic and increase your reach. Each Pin Tip takes 10 – 15 minutes to implement meaning you’re not spending hours trying to do it all at once while running your business as well.

Some interesting facts about me:

I love coffee but used to HATE it

I have provincial colors for Drum-Majorettes and it's still something I love doing

I live in South Africa and LOVE Cape Town weather

My husband and I are both multi-passionate entrepreneurs and love talking business ALL.THE.TIME

I'd love to connect with you and hear what your struggles are with Pinterest.

Visit the Contact page or any of my socials below and lets chat!

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Set Up An SEO optimized Pinterest Profile with this free 10 Step Checklist


I love helping business owners grow their businesses using Pinterest and that passion shines through when you hear what they have to say.


Katie Saunders

The Branding Zoo

Kathryn blew my mind with how much amazing Pinterest knowledge she could cram into an hour. It was obvious that she had prepared items to discuss that specifically related to my brand, not just canned strategies that would work for anyone. She gave me easy step-by-step instructions on exactly how to implement her strategies. She gave me lots of homework, but I am so grateful to have found her.


Lilah Higgins

The Higgins Creative

Kathryn has totally amped up our social media presence and increased our reach so quickly and so effectively over the past six months. She's super intelligent and takes the initiative to build an engaged and excited following. Hire her now!


Jennifer Zils

Kids Eat Vegetables

I highly recommend Kathryn to small business owners who are looking to leverage Pinterest to grow their followers and client leads. She has been able to turn my ideas and content into branded pins and board that will generate perpetual website visitors. Working with a Kathryn has been one of my best investments this year.